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Posted by Bice's Florist on January 7, 2016 | Last Updated: January 9, 2016 Carnations Flowers

Choose Carnations For January Floral Gifts

carnationsThis January, if you are sending flowers to someone you care about, whether for a birthday or just because, consider sending carnations. Often overlooked for other trendier blooms, the carnation is a colorful and fragrant option, and it just so happens it is the official flower for the month of January. Resurrect appreciation for this often overlooked bloom with your January flower order.


History of the Carnation


For over 2,000, people have carefully cultivated the carnation. It first became popular in Asia and Europe, and historians believe the flower got its name from the word “coronation” or “corone,” due to the haloes and garlands that were made from the flowers for ancient ceremonial events. Its botanical name Dianthus, which means flower of the gods, came from a Greek botanist named Theophrastus.


Carnations are More Than Meets the Eye


While you may think of a carnation as a simple flower, the flower actually comes in quite a few varieties. In fact, botanists have discovered and cultivated over 300 varieties of the flower. It comes in nearly every color naturally, except blue, and can easily be dyed when cut to showcase variegated colors in any shade imaginable.


The carnation is quite versatile. Not only is it the birth flower for January, but it’s also the official flower of Mother’s Day. It is an edible flower that has been used to make French liqueur Chartreuse since the 1600s. The blooms can also be added as flavor to salads, used to decorate cakes and added as ornamentation to ice cubes. For edible uses, organic blooms are preferred to avoid dyes and pesticides.


Choosing a Carnation Arrangement


If you are looking for an arrangement o give this January, Brice’s Florist is your local source for quality floral arrangements. If your loved one loves pink, then Pink Display is the ideal choice. Containing nothing but carnations and green fillers, this particular arrangement is guaranteed to bring a smile.
Simply Sweet is another popular January arrangement. This particular arrangement pairs pink carnations with daisies for a delicate and fresh look.


No matter which you choose, with help from Bice’s Florists and our local delivery, your arrangement will impress. Contact us today to make your order for upcoming January birthdays.