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Posted by Bice's Florist on March 2, 2016 Flowers Holidays

Bice’s Florist – International Women’s Day

women's day International Women’s Day, celebrated in over 30 countries around the world on March 8th, began over 100 years ago in the Soviet bloc nations and Europe. The impetus behind the movement was that of standing up for women’s rights; the observance was adopted in Western countries in 1997, when the United Nations got behind the holiday. A day for women – and their advocates – around the world to unite, the themes have been as varied as “Empowering Rural Women to combat Poverty and Hunger” and “Investing in Women and Girls”.


In 2011, on the centennial anniversary of the historic holiday, more than 100 countries hosted gatherings of women. Here in America, the rights of women were honored with the declaration of “Women’s History Month”. Citizens were urged to reflect on the outstanding contributions of women in American history – women like Red Cross founder Clara Barton, anthropologist Margaret Mead, and actress Katherine Hepburn. To honor their illustrious founder, the Red Cross perseveres in their efforts to fight the threat of violence that intimidates millions of women in conflict zones even to this day.

women's day

There are thousands of women that should be honored on International Women’s Day; some are famous, but many are everyday women who are performing heroic acts every day. From our moms and grandmoms; to teachers, police officers, doctors and nurses, business people and benefactors, women continue to work towards honor and peace on every level of society. For the women in your life who have earned your admiration for everything they accomplish every day, a floral arrangement or bouquet on International Women’s Day is a fitting tribute. Orchids represent beauty and refinement, while pink or lavender roses signify admiration – making this contemporary arrangement a gorgeous way to tell her that she is amazing.



Looking for something different? A palm stands for victory and success, and makes a stately gift for an office; and gladioli represent strength of character and courage, perfect for the woman who has overcome adversity. The women in your life are all influential in their own way – so let Bice’s Florist help you choose the right floral arrangement for each of them. On March the 8th, International Women’s Day, join millions around the world in solidarity to honor women everywhere – even right here in Fort Worth. Call us today.