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Posted by Bice's Florist on April 4, 2016 Flowers Spring

Bice’s April Daisies

Now that we are in April, spring is officially here and in full force. The official birth flower of the month is the daisy – a classic spring flower that in many ways, represents the spirit of the season. Daisies are joyful, innocent and remind us of carefree childhood days; and given that spring represents fresh new beginnings , they are the perfect emblem for April. The daisy is a relative of the popular sunflower; and like the sunflower, has a relationship with the sunshine. The daisy closes up tight at night, only opening its petals in the morning light – which has inspired its name. “Daisy” is a variation of day’s eye, referencing the daisy’s affinity for the sunlight.

daisiesWhen most people think of a daisy, a field of white flowers with yellow centers come to mind, These familiar blooms are known as the shasta daisy; but there are other variations of the flower that are also commonly known. The African daisy can have white, orange, yellow or peach colored petals and often have black centers– they grow close much closer to the ground than their cousins. In the world of floral bouquets, gerbera daisies (or gerberas) are the most popular – these large flowers come in the full spectrum of colors and make vivid bouquets. If you have ever received an arrangement of colorful daisies from a florist, chances are excellent that they were gerberas.

daisiesIn springtime, flowers are blooming everywhere, so how about calling Bice Florist to deliver a gorgeous arrangement that will bring the outdoors in? April is the perfect time to send daisies – or any spring flower – to those celebrating birthdays. But a bright bouquet of gerbera daisies is also an amazing way to simply say hello to those you care about. This official flower of April will deliver all the joy of the spring season to anyone in Fort Worth or beyond. Call us today!