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Posted by Bice's Florist on January 8, 2018 Flowers Gifts

A Year In Flowers

While we want to offer you a Happy New Year from Bice’s Florist, we also want to help you keep that most important of resolutions. No, we’re not talking about your diet or working out. We’re talking about making sure you always have fresh flowers in the house. Even better, we’ve made it so you don’t even have to remember to get them.

Through our Flowers for a Year program, you can ensure that a fresh batch of blooms shows up at your door every month, reflecting the best of the season and guaranteeing that you always have something pretty to put on the dining room or bedside table. This also makes an excellent gift for someone else, especially when you consider that the first arrangement comes with a note indicating that this is only the start of 12 flower gifts that will arrive every month for the next year. 

Even if you reserve Flowers For A Year for yourself, you’re likely to both feel surprise and anticipation all year long. It’s not many gifts that can pull off both impressions, and we’re certain that if you give this one, you’ll not only get bragging rights, but so will your recipient, for best gift ever.