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The next time you see a Bice's Van on the road, at an intersection or delivering flowers snap a picture.
Upload your photo to our Facebook page and win a surprise GIFT CARD worth up to $50.
Every photo is a winner!
So keep your camera or camera phone handy!
(Vehicles must be on the road. not in our parking lot)
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Bice's Florist https://www.bicesFlorist.com/images/wide/logo1.gif 650 Bedford Euless Road Fort Worth, TX 76053 800-848-0209 (Toll Free) 817-299-3366


Fort Worth (Main) Location: 650 W Bedford Euless Road Fort Worth, TX 76053 817-299-3366

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Bice's Florist 650 West Bedford Euless Road. Fort Worth, Texas 76053