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Uplifting Flowers and Plants that Make the Perfect Warm Welcome

Meeting a new neighbor or greeting a house guest you mean to impress can invoke an excitement that’s exhilarating. While welcoming someone new to town can involve showing them local sights, attractions, and restaurants, the heart of any… Read More about Uplifting Flowers and Plants that Make the Perfect Warm Welcome »
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Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Creating the perfect home environment might mean you fill your space with your favorite plants, furry friends, or both. If you fall into the category of being both a plant and pet parent, you might have thought about whether the… Read More about Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Houseplants »
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Gifts to Send Along With A Bouquet of Flowers

Royal Radiance Flowers are the perfect gift for many reasons. They are beautiful, can put a smile on anyone’s face, lift spirits, and look great anywhere. Hera at Bice’s Florist, Fort Worth’s Best Florist, we have… Read More about Gifts to Send Along With A Bouquet of Flowers »

Discover Amazing Designs

As you know Bice’s Florist carries a beautiful line of floral decor and we're very proud of it. Did you also know that we create amazing gifts that you can get on special occasions? Wander through our unique treasures to discover amazing designs. Then, choose from our wide variety of gifts and treasures to include with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or even to give alone. Give these awesome treasures for any special occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays or just because. Read More about Discover Amazing Designs »
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Flowers & Plants for Housewarming Parties

If you have ever moved into a new home, especially in a new area, you know that the whole process can be a bit stressful. Between wrangling hundreds of boxes, several children, and figuring out when the internet company will be showing up, there is a lot going on. It can be a relief when the knock at the door reveals a friendly face offering a home cooked meal, a helping hand, or simply a smile to say "welcome to the neighborhood". If one of your family members or friends have moved, you may wish to help them settle in and feel like they are home. History tells us that the original housewarming parties, hundreds of years ago, were arranged to provide firewood to new homeowners so they could survive the winter - quite literally "house-warming". But times have changed, and Bice's Flowers has the floral arrangements and plants that will instead warm their hearts and help to make their house a home.  Read More about Flowers & Plants for Housewarming Parties »
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