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Celebrating Dallas Fort Worth with Bice’s Florist

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, holidays, and more around the greater Dallas Fort Worth area, would be incomplete without blooms from Bice’s Florist. As your neighborhood flower shop since 1974, Bice’s has kept the DFW community near and dear… Read More about Celebrating Dallas Fort Worth with Bice’s Florist »

Gifts to Send Along With A Bouquet of Flowers

Royal Radiance Flowers are the perfect gift for many reasons. They are beautiful, can put a smile on anyone’s face, lift spirits, and look great anywhere. Hera at Bice’s Florist, Fort Worth’s Best Florist, we have… Read More about Gifts to Send Along With A Bouquet of Flowers »

September Birthdays- Asters & Sapphires

Asters & sapphires are the official flower and gemstone chosen to represent the month of September. Each brings a special meaning and beauty to the month, and both are colorful inspiration for September birthday bouquets. Whether you choose the brilliant "sapphire blue" of blue delphinium or opt instead for a lavish arrangement of fall asters, you can be sure that the floral designers at Bice's Florist will deliver the perfect birthday wishes to those you love.  Read More about September Birthdays- Asters & Sapphires »
Posted by Bice's Florist on August 15, 2017 | Last Updated: August 21, 2017 Birthdays

Celebrating April Birthdays with Spring Daisies

Daisies are perhaps one of the most prolific flowers in the world. With over 23,000 varieties, these cheerful flowers grow on every continent except Antarctica - and although the classic yellow and while English daisy may be the most iconic, daisies come in every color of the rainbow, and in many different forms. They are a very popular bloom in the springtime, as the perfect embodiment of carefree warm days and lazy afternoons with loved ones. Freshen up your home with a big bouquet of spring daisies, and bring the sunshine in! April Birthdays: The daisy is not only the perfect spring flower, it is also the birth flower of April. So when it comes time to celebrate the April birthdays of your friends and family, make sure to call Bice's Florist - we'll create a floral design with all their favorite colors and flowers, featuring the blossom of the month.  Read More about Celebrating April Birthdays with Spring Daisies »
Posted by Bice's Florist on March 11, 2017 | Last Updated: March 14, 2017 Birthdays floral design Flowers

Flowers to Celebrate 2017 Birthstones

As we turn the page to 2017 and consider all of the possibility that a new year holds, we look forward to celebrating the many special occasions with our friends and neighbors in Fort Worth. Birthdays come but once a year, but they do come every year - and they are some of our favorite moments with loved ones. There are many ways to share the happiness on someone's birthday, but few are as beautiful as bouquets based on precious gemstones. Read More about Flowers to Celebrate 2017 Birthstones »
Posted by Bice's Florist on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Birthdays Flowers