Prom Corsages, Flowers & Boutonnieres

prom corsages

Across the nation, prom season is upon us. Young people everywhere are looking for the perfect dress, the suavest tux, and of course – the most gorgeous flowers. Wearable flowers are an important aspect of any spring dance or prom – and whether you are looking for an elegant wrist corsage, a delicate floral crown, or a sophisticated boutonniere – the professional floral designers at Bice’s Florist are working hard to create the most unique and trendy wearable flowers in Fort Worth.

What are your choices for prom corsages? A corsage has customarily been worn on the bodice of a dress, but most young women these days prefer the ease and aesthetic of a wrist corsage. Orchids and roses are the most popular floral selections for a corsage, but we recommend that you ask our experts for ideas. Based on your color scheme or style of gown, they may have a suggestion as to a unique flower or color which will look striking and dramatic, and set you above the rest. You may also wish to consider a nosegay bouquet, which is a small, handheld arrangement gaining in popularity.

prom corsagesFor the men, boutonnieres are the wearable flowers of choice. Traditionally, a boutonniere is made up of a single flower, or two or three smaller flowers, but they are made to be compact and fit easily on a lapel. Although orchids and roses are also popular choices for the guys, recent years have seen the popularity of succulents increasing as well. Boutonnieres are most often crafted to match prom corsages – whether they are a perfect match, or express a complimentary design.

Don’t forget that wearable flowers are also perfect for the graduate! And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, pick up a beautiful corsage for Mom as well, and let her know how very special she is. Bice’s Florist is your hometown Fort Worth source for all thing floral and formal – give us a call today!

Nurse & Teacher Appreciation Days

teacher appreciation

As May gets underway, there are two opportunities to give accolades to some very important people. And although their job descriptions may look different, these professionals are similar in many ways – not the least of which being that they often do not get credit for the incredible work that they do. Both nurses and teachers are the recipients of a full week to honor them, and both have one day set aside to give them praise.

Save the Dates: National Nurses Week is May 6-12, with National Nurses Day falling on May 6. National Teachers Week is May 7-13,  with National Teachers Day taking place on May 9.

There is a multitude of ways that both nurses and teachers impact our lives here in Fort Worth, and these special observances give us the chance to let them know how much their contributions matter! At Bice’s Florist, you’ll find thank-you flowers that will add vivid beauty a teacher’s desk or nurse’s station, sure to remind them how they are appreciated.

teacher appreciation

Across the board, nurses are considered to be the most trusted professionals in any field. They successfully blend skillful medical competence and extreme compassion into one shift. They stand as our advocates and chat with us as friends. They tell us the facts, while also handing us tissues. They are the true cornerstone of every hospital and medical facility. They are with us during some of the most emotional times of our lives – and we consider them angels most of the time.

Why give special recognition to teachers? Because they are so much more than educators to our children. They are mentors, cheerleaders, coaches, and leaders. Sometimes scientists and mathematicians, sometimes counselors and artists – they inspire, they motivate, and they encourage. Nearly everyone can immediately call to mind an influential teacher who played a role in their life. Because they play such a key role in all aspects of life and education, we salute the teachers!

Teachers and nurses are humble heroes who make a lifetime investment in other people – this month, do something to make a beautiful impact on them. Bices Flowers is honored to do just that.

Keeping Indoor Green Plants Happy

green plants

Both flowering and green plants are perfect to have indoors, but they are far more than home decor! Plants are known to create a sense of calm and serenity, cleanse toxins from the air, and even increase our productivity. Here at Bice’s Florist, we think that if a plant is willing to work that hard to benefit our lives, that we should strive to keep them as happy and healthy as we can as well. Although there are hundreds of thousands of varieties of plants – and just as many instructions on how to care for them – this week we are highlighting two of our favorite plants. For your Fort Worth home or office, you may wish to add these beauties to your decor.

Coming Soon! Administrative Professionals Week is the perfect opportunity to send plants (or flowers, or gifts) to your favorite personnel. Call now, it begins April 23rd!  Continue reading

Administrative Professionals Week Begins April 23rd

Administrative Professionals Week

As World War 2 came to a close and businesses began to get back to normal, the need for people to rejoin the workplace was great. Secretaries Day was instituted in the 1950’s as a way to encourage people to choose the career and to help companies – locally, regionally, and nationally – to prosper. Through the years the terminology has changed and the roles have evolved, but we still celebrate those who are often unsung heroes in our businesses. National Administrative Professionals Week is observed from April 23rd-April 29th, and is designed to recognize the receptionists, assistants, and support employees that work diligently every day to keep our businesses, and by extension, our economy, running smoothly. What would we do without them?

At Bice’s Florist, we are privileged to help you to honor these important employees, with our collection of flowers and plants designed to brighten their desk and their day.  Continue reading

The Vivid Colors of Easter Floral Designs

Easter floral designs

Easter offers us some exceptionally diverse traditions and customs -from Easter egg hunts to sunrise services, everyone has a special way to celebrate the day. Here at Bice’s Florist, we have an important tradition as well – that of providing the freshest, most beautiful Easter floral designs in Fort Worth!  There are so many gorgeous spring flowers to choose from, all exhibiting the vivid colors of the season – and they can be delivered right to the front door.  What can we arrange for you?

Fun Trivia – Where Did the Easter Egg Come From? In ancient cultures, spring festivals were often held to celebrate and hope for fertility and abundance of all kinds, whether in the family or with their crops. Eggs were considered symbolic of this hope, and women often carried armloads of the eggs at the gatherings. To make it easier, they created “nests” made of grass or twigs, which evolved into the Easter basket to carry eggs.

Easter floral designs

If you would like to send a bouquet overflowing with good wishes, consider yellow lilies, pink tulips, or blue hydrangeas. These flowers are iconic representatives of the Easter season and work beautifully together to create a stunning gift.

One of our favorite traditions on Easter is getting together for dinner. Whatever your customary meal, a fresh Easter centerpiece bursting with color is a gorgeous focal point for your holiday table. Heading over to someone else’s house for dinner? They will love this thoughtful hostess gift, complete with whimsical colored eggs and a taper candle.

Easter floral designs

This is the time of the year for decorating front porches, patios, and back decks. Flowering plants, baskets, and dish gardens are the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting Easter gift that will instantly add color to any landscape.

Easter floral designsOne of the easiest ways to infuse your home or office with the ambiance of spring is with Easter floral designs. Call Bice’s Florist today to get your orders in – April 16th will be here before you know it!

Celebrating April Birthdays with Spring Daisies

spring daisies

Daisies are perhaps one of the most prolific flowers in the world. With over 23,000 varieties, these cheerful flowers grow on every continent except Antarctica – and although the classic yellow and while English daisy may be the most iconic, daisies come in every color of the rainbow, and in many different forms. They are a very popular bloom in the springtime, as the perfect embodiment of carefree warm days and lazy afternoons with loved ones. Freshen up your home with a big bouquet of spring daisies, and bring the sunshine in!

April Birthdays: The daisy is not only the perfect spring flower, it is also the birth flower of April. So when it comes time to celebrate the April birthdays of your friends and family, make sure to call Bice’s Florist – we’ll create a floral design with all their favorite colors and flowers, featuring the blossom of the month.  Continue reading

Honoring Those Who Adopt Puppies


National Puppy Day was established in 2007 by animal rights advocate Colleen Paige, who was hoping to illuminate some pressing issues affecting puppies – namely overpopulation, the abuses of some puppy mills, and the fate of shelter dogs. The day is set aside primarily to encourage prospective owners to adopt rescue or shelter dogs when looking for new furry family members.

At Bice’s Florist, we have beautiful floral designs perfect to celebrate the dog lover in your life or to thank the Fort Worth volunteers and shelter workers who are dedicated to rescuing these animals, as well as loving them and fostering them until a new home is found.  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Green Flowers

green flowersSt. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th, and its early spring timing is perfect to celebrate all things green! Tradition finds us drinking green beer, wearing green clothes, and giving green flowers like carnations, mums, and orchids. Bice’s Florist is happy to join in all the festive fun with beautiful floral designs that will deliver the luck o’ the Irish to all of your Celtic friends and neighbors. In Fort Worth, all the green you need is at Bice’s Florist.

Did You Know? St. Patrick was not Irish – he was English – and his given name was Maewyn Succat. He chose Patrick as a name when he became a Catholic priest and missionary; the name means “”well-born”.  Continue reading

Seasonal Spring Flowers are Here

spring flowers

We may not have cold weather to the extent of others around the country. But here in Fort Worth we still look forward to the warming temperatures and beautiful sunny days that spring offers. The change of season brings new flowers, new colors, and a fresh attitude that leaves us cheerful and optimistic. At Bice’s Flowers, we have all the spring blooms that will add new life and attitude to your home or office.

Early Riser: In other parts of the country, the first indication that spring is on the way is the crocus. This delicate flower often valiantly pushes through snow cover to herald the arrival of spring.  Continue reading

Observing International Women’s Day

international women's day

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s and has seen a century of challenges and struggles, but also achievement and success. The initiative continues, asking each one of us to be an agent for change within our own spheres of influence. Recognizing that no one country, government, or social justice organization can affect global results on its own, the movement encourages purposeful collaboration. Organizers believe that working together, we can advance the cause of women and unleash their potential onto economies, governments, and cultures. On March 8th, the world unites for one purpose.  Continue reading