Wildflower Summer Bouquets for Your Table

Summer has arrived here in Texas, and as the days grow longer, we find ourselves spending more and more time outside. Whether you’re swimming, gardening or cooking on the grill, you have most likely found a few ways enjoy the season. When you picture your summer table – overflowing with corn on the cob, grilled steaks, and ripe watermelon – what kinds of flowers do you see? Bice’s Florist is ready for summer with bright wildflowers, luxurious blooms, and everything in between for gorgeous summer bouquets. Fresh flowers are the most beautiful way to complete your summer table’s look this season! Continue reading

Anniversary Flowers & Wedding Bouquets

anniversary flowers

If you are among the many couples who have planned a June wedding in the past, you have contributed to June’s designation as Wedding Month. More brides and grooms have chosen June to tie the knot than any other time of the year. And if you are planning an upcoming wedding, Wedding Month gives us the perfect opportunity to share ideas. No matter which month of the year you will be walking down the aisle, Bice’s Florist understands that you want to make your day as unique and special as you both are. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll add our expertise to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Did You Know? June may be the most popular month, but the two least popular months for weddings are January and February.  Continue reading

A Month to Appreciate Beautiful Roses

beautiful rosesWe probably don’t need an excuse to give beautiful roses to those we love, but this month gives us a perfect opportunity regardless. June is National Rose Month and is your chance to have a fabulous bouquet of these timeless beauties delivered to make someone’s day. Although a go-to flower for birthdays,  weddings, and many other special occasions, you can give roses any day of the year.  During these months, we love the vivid colors of summer roses, available from Bice’s Florist

A Rose of Any Other Color? Roses grow in every color except true blue and black. Flowers sold as “black roses” are actually a deep, dark red color. Continue reading

Father’s Day Gifts To Celebrate the Best Dad

father's day gifts

Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June each year, and gives each of us the opportunity to honor the smartest, funniest, most caring, and hardest working Dad in the world – our own! And although most fathers will tell you that they don’t need any fanfare, we think it is important to recognize the men who make such a huge impact on our lives,from the time we are children and well into adulthood. In order to help to celebrate these great guys, Bice’s Florist would like to offer a bit of trivia that you may find interesting.  Continue reading

Patriotic Flowers to Remember Them on Memorial Day

patriotic flowers Some days on the calendar simply hold more meaning than others. Memorial Day is Monday, May 29, and is our nation’s annual remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of freedom. If you are looking for patriotic flowers or memorial day arrangements to decorate a grave site, or thoughtful bouquets to send to the family, Bice’s Florist would be honored to help.

“America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor.” Paul Tsongas Continue reading

Peonies & Lavish Spring Blossoms


We are well into spring days, and as the season wanes and the summer approaches, there are new gorgeous fresh flowers in the shop.  At Bice’s Florist, we love designing the flowers of each season, but late spring gives us the chance to work with tropicals, sunflowers, and the beautiful, lush peony.

Peonies are most popularly known for their large flower heads filled with abundant, luxurious petals. In fact, legend has it that the explorer Marco Polo, when he first encountered peonies in his travels, exclaimed, “these roses are as large as cabbages!” Some varieties of the flower can measure 10 or 11 inches across the bloom, making them a beautiful favorite for classic bouquets and arrangements.

Peonies grow natively in Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America, and a peony plant can live for up to a century providing blooms. Although the fluffy “cabbage” peonies are most well-known, there are actually six main varieties of the flower, exhibiting a number of different aesthetics. Peonies are thought to bring good luck and prosperity in marriage, and as such are a perfect choice for a bridal bouquet.

One of our most sought-after late-spring bouquets is Opulence (seen to the left) which features not only large, lavish peonies but pink stargazer lilies, fuschia gerbera daisies, hydrangea, tulips, and roses in an extravagant bouquet.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or sending a bouquet to brighten someone’s day – peonies are a wonderful option. But no matter your preference among the many beautiful flowers of spring, you can be assured that our flowers are picked at the peak of their freshness and that our designs will be professionally and artistically arranged. In Fort Worth, Bice’s Florist is your premier choice for flowers to celebrate spring – call us today!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Inspired by Her

Mother's Day gift ideasEvery mom is special and unique – that’s what makes her so amazing! And no matter what your mother’s hobbies or interests, there is a way to honor her this Mother’s Day.  At Bice’s Florist, we thought we might offer some hometown suggestions and ideas that our Moms love.  Mother’s Day gift ideas don’t need to be extravagant  – they simply should come from the heart.

Here are some great ideas that will not only give Mom the gift of your time and an awesome day of memories – but some beautiful flowers to take home as well. Continue reading

Beautiful Flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day

flowers for momSomeone once said, “Life doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with a mother.”

On May 14th, we celebrate these incredible women who are an advisor, protector, cheerleader, and confidant. They have been with us through all of life’s ups and downs, and we never have to question their loyalty. We join you in honoring Mom with all of the beauty and grace she deserves – with floral arrangements and gifts from Bice’s Florist.  Continue reading

Prom Corsages, Flowers & Boutonnieres

prom corsages

Across the nation, prom season is upon us. Young people everywhere are looking for the perfect dress, the suavest tux, and of course – the most gorgeous flowers. Wearable flowers are an important aspect of any spring dance or prom – and whether you are looking for an elegant wrist corsage, a delicate floral crown, or a sophisticated boutonniere – the professional floral designers at Bice’s Florist are working hard to create the most unique and trendy wearable flowers in Fort Worth.

What are your choices for prom corsages? A corsage has customarily been worn on the bodice of a dress, but most young women these days prefer the ease and aesthetic of a wrist corsage. Orchids and roses are the most popular floral selections for a corsage, but we recommend that you ask our experts for ideas. Based on your color scheme or style of gown, they may have a suggestion as to a unique flower or color which will look striking and dramatic, and set you above the rest. You may also wish to consider a nosegay bouquet, which is a small, handheld arrangement gaining in popularity.

prom corsagesFor the men, boutonnieres are the wearable flowers of choice. Traditionally, a boutonniere is made up of a single flower, or two or three smaller flowers, but they are made to be compact and fit easily on a lapel. Although orchids and roses are also popular choices for the guys, recent years have seen the popularity of succulents increasing as well. Boutonnieres are most often crafted to match prom corsages – whether they are a perfect match, or express a complimentary design.

Don’t forget that wearable flowers are also perfect for the graduate! And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, pick up a beautiful corsage for Mom as well, and let her know how very special she is. Bice’s Florist is your hometown Fort Worth source for all thing floral and formal – give us a call today!

Nurse & Teacher Appreciation Days

teacher appreciation

As May gets underway, there are two opportunities to give accolades to some very important people. And although their job descriptions may look different, these professionals are similar in many ways – not the least of which being that they often do not get credit for the incredible work that they do. Both nurses and teachers are the recipients of a full week to honor them, and both have one day set aside to give them praise.

Save the Dates: National Nurses Week is May 6-12, with National Nurses Day falling on May 6. National Teachers Week is May 7-13,  with National Teachers Day taking place on May 9.

There is a multitude of ways that both nurses and teachers impact our lives here in Fort Worth, and these special observances give us the chance to let them know how much their contributions matter! At Bice’s Florist, you’ll find thank-you flowers that will add vivid beauty a teacher’s desk or nurse’s station, sure to remind them how they are appreciated.

teacher appreciation

Across the board, nurses are considered to be the most trusted professionals in any field. They successfully blend skillful medical competence and extreme compassion into one shift. They stand as our advocates and chat with us as friends. They tell us the facts, while also handing us tissues. They are the true cornerstone of every hospital and medical facility. They are with us during some of the most emotional times of our lives – and we consider them angels most of the time.

Why give special recognition to teachers? Because they are so much more than educators to our children. They are mentors, cheerleaders, coaches, and leaders. Sometimes scientists and mathematicians, sometimes counselors and artists – they inspire, they motivate, and they encourage. Nearly everyone can immediately call to mind an influential teacher who played a role in their life. Because they play such a key role in all aspects of life and education, we salute the teachers!

Teachers and nurses are humble heroes who make a lifetime investment in other people – this month, do something to make a beautiful impact on them. Bices Flowers is honored to do just that.